General membership meeting, October 2nd

AGM_Oct16_poster (3)-3 copyHi everyone,

It’s time to elect your representatives!  We will hold a general meeting/nominations meeting on October 2nd, at 5 pm in the GSS Ballroom.

At the meeting, we will be accepting nominations for new members to join the union executive.  This is a great way to get involved in the union and to support your fellow TAs.  Although some executive members will be re-applying, any union member is welcome to run for any position.  Available positions are listed below; all openings are for a one-year term.

  • President (chairs meetings and generally keeps the union running smoothly; active on external committees)
  • Vice-President (prepares meeting agendas and assists the President)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (keeps track of the budget, with the help of our Administrative Coordinator)
  • Recording Secretary (keeps accurate records of meetings and internal communications)
  • Information Officer (works to keep members informed of their rights under the collective agreement)
  • Education Officer (works with the Information Officer to educate members about the union)
  • Chief Negotiator (works with our Business Manager and National Servicing Representative on the bargaining committee, as we negotiate a new collective agreement)
  • Health and Safety Officer (chairs the Health and Safety Committee and attends university-wide health and safety meetings on behalf of the union)

Positions will also be available on the By-law Review Committee.  This is a short-term commitment, and committee members will be involved in writing new by-laws for CUPE 2278.

Finally, we will also elect someone who is not a member of the union executive committee to serve as a Trustee, i.e. someone to oversee activity by the executive and ensure that by-laws are followed.  This position is also available for a one-year term.

Elections, and our Annual General Membership meeting, will subsequently be held on October 16th, at 5 pm, in room 202 in Buchanan building A.  This is a great opportunity for you to get out and ask us about any questions or concerns you may have about your TAship!  We’ll also be discussing our plans for the upcoming year, including bargaining for our next collective agreement.

Hope to see you there!

Caitlin Donnelly (website person)

Summer update


Greetings, everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to update you on what your union executive have been up to this summer:

Union solidarity

We have been busy building up relationships with other CUPE locals on campus (CUPE 116 and 2950), and writing letters of support to back up the BC Teachers’ Federation in their current job action.  We will also be sending delegates to the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions Conference in August, to meet with other TA unions from across North America.


In preparation for the next round of bargaining, beginning some time in the fall, we are evaluating the results of our membership survey, compiling data from similar collective agreements, and drafting language proposals.

Local business

We are re-writing our bylaws!  Key changes include rules to encourage more diversity among union executive representation, and moving elections from October to January to avoid conflicts with bargaining.  We hope that moving the elections will allow newer TAs to join the executive once they’ve had time to establish themselves at UBC.  Once this document is ready, we will present it to the membership for approval.  This should happen in the winter or early spring.

Preparing for fall

We are getting the ball rolling on training and orientation sessions with members in each department.


We hope that everyone is having a productive and fun summer!  Enjoy the sunshine!


In solidarity,

Trish Everett

CUPE 2278 President

September news


New website

Hi, and welcome to the new site for CUPE Local 2278!  We are currently working to spruce things up and make this site easier to navigate.  Ultimately, our hope is to make the most important information and documents readily available, and to keep our members better informed about the activities of the local.  We hope you like it!

Welcome back + orientations

In other news, we are happy to welcome both new and returning members to UBC after such a beautiful summer!  All TAs (but especially those of you who are new to UBC) are encouraged to keep an eye out for department orientations, to learn all about the benefits our local has to offer.


With our collective agreement expiring on August 31, 2014, we will soon be entering a new round of bargaining.  We have the information collected via our online survey, and will use that to inform our proposals when bargaining begins.  If you want to get involved in the bargaining effort, we can always use more help, so please e-mail!


We will be holding executive elections this fall and could use a great deal of new ideas and energy!  If you are interested in running, e-mail, or come out to our General Membership meeting on October 2nd to learn more!

Labour Day

September 1st marks Labour Day, and we encourage you to come join other CUPE members in celebrating!  For more information, see our Facebook page.

A fond farewell

Finally, I want to take a moment to announce that I will not be seeking re-election this year, and am stepping down to focus on my dissertation and trying to graduate in May.  It was a tough decision, but I feel it is one I have to make for myself.  I want to thank members of the local for their support and trust over the last 2 years.  I have learned so much as your president and am proud to have been able to represent you on campus, in BC, and on the national stage.

In solidarity,

Trish Everett

President, CUPE 2278