Workplace safety

Safety in the workplace is a priority for CUPE 2278. Two of our executive members sit on the University Health and Safety Committee, both so that we can stay abreast of campus-wide health and safety issues in order to bring them to the attention of our members, and so we can make sure the concerns of our members are voiced to the University.


Many of our members work in labs or other situations requiring special safety training. If such training is required for your research or teaching work, your department or supervising instructor should already have reminded you to sign up for the relevant safety course(s). If, however, you have not yet received the safety training that you need, we strongly encourage you to discuss this with your supervising instructor, and to register for courses through UBC Risk Management Services.

If you experience an accident or safety risk while working as a TA, you are required to follow the reporting procedures outlined here. In brief, you are required to report the incident to your supervising instructor, and to submit an incident report form within 24 hours (available via the link above). This applies not only to accidents related to specialised lab work, but also to more general incidents such as slips, falls, assaults, medical emergencies, or injuries resulting from physical over-exertion. You are also encouraged to report work-related injuries or diseases to WorkSafeBC. WorkSafeBC also provides support to workers who have experienced psychological trauma related to workplace incidents.

If one of your students experiences an accident, injury, or medical emergency while in class, this must also be reported to your supervising instructor, and to Risk Management Services.