Hours FAQ

How many hours am I supposed to work?

A full-time position for the Winter Term is 192 hours per term. Commonly, employees are hired for only 1 term, or for a specific number of hours that is considered less than full-time employment. (e.g. 96 hours/term for a ½ TAship)

Should I keep track of my hours? How?

It is strongly recommended that you carefully track your hours and work performed using a written or electronic document. While not required, this record will be extremely useful in the event that the number of hours needed to complete your assigned job duties exceeds the number of hours in your employment contract. The union has provided a sample ‘hours tracking form’ that may be used.

While it can be useful to consider the number of hours you are working each week, it is more important to be aware of the total number of hours you work throughout the term. Each week may be different, and it is the total number of hours that you work during the term that is outlined in your employment contract.

Don’t Work For Free! (Okay, this isn’t a FAQ, per se, but it’s important!)

Due to changes in courses and student enrolment numbers from year-to-year, it is a common occurrence within our union that the number of hours in an employee’s contract is inadequate. Quite often, it is difficult to predict how many hours of TA/Marker work is needed for the course.

If you anticipate that your workload will exceed the number of hours in your contract you should notify the course instructor so that they can reallocate some of your work, or establish an additional employment contract, paying you for these additional hours. You are, under no circumstances, required to work more than the total number of hours in your employment contract.

It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that you are paid for each hour that you are required to work. It is your responsibility to track your hours and notify the department if you anticipate that your workload will exceed the number of hours in your contract.

It can feel intimidating to ‘speak-up’ if you find yourself in this situation, due to the interesting dynamics of our university workplace. However, if you don’t ‘speak-up,’ the department you work for will not have an accurate representation of the true cost of hiring TAs and Markers, which could be detrimental to future financial planning. Additionally, the same situation will just keep happening to other TAs working for the course.

‘Working for free’ is bad for everyone, not just you! Don’t work for free!

What should I do if my actual work load turns out to be less than expected?

If the required duties of your TA appointment take less time to complete than originally anticipated when establishing your employment contract, you will still be paid for the total number of hours listed in your employment contract.

What is considered to be ‘work’?

Any work that you do as a TA/Marker counts towards your contract hours, including: class preparation, attending lectures, marking, conducting labs and tutorials, meeting with your students or the instructor, e-mail communications with students, administration of online classroom environments, invigilating exams, training, etc.

What is the maximum number of hours I can work within one day or week?

Your job duties in any single day cannot exceed a span of 8 hours without your consent.

Ex. A TA who works from 9:00AM-10:00AM, cannot be required to work from 5:00PM-6:00PM on the same day.

You cannot be required to work more than 24 hours in a single week.

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