Hiring preference

UBC graduate students who have been hired as a TA once are guaranteed further TAships. After one year of TAing, students are guaranteed subsequent TAships with at least as many hours of work as were assigned in the first year.

After their first year, Master’s students are guaranteed one additional year, while Doctoral students are guaranteed four additional years. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be re-hired for the same course.

You may be hired for more hours in your subsequent years, but the number of hours you are guaranteed during any year while you hold hiring preference is still equivalent to the number of hours assigned in your first year of TAship.

For example, if Wayne is a Master’s student assigned a full TAship in his first year, then Wayne is guaranteed a full TAship in his second year. Likewise, if Garth is a PhD student who was assigned a 1/2 TAship in his first year, then Garth is guaranteed a 1/2 TAship for the subsequent four years.