About Our Local

We represent UBC Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Markers, and Instructors in the English Language Institute (ELI).  Certified in 1979, our union is a local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).  Anyone who has worked in one of these positions in the past year is a member of CUPE 2278.

The union leadership is comprised of a president and an executive leadership committee, all of whom are UBC students and CUPE 2278 members.  The executive committee works on your behalf to coordinate union activities, and to keep all members informed of union news and business.  Members are appointed to these leadership positions through a democratic election process that includes the entire union membership.  Anyone who is interested in running for a position on the executive can find out more by contacting president@cupe2278.ca.

Additionally, each department at UBC appoints at least one department representative (union steward) to serve as a liaison between the TAs and Markers in that department, and the union.  Interested union members are encouraged to apply to be department representatives, and can do so by e-mailing deptreps@cupe2278.ca.

Find out more about the members of the union executive here!