Upcoming Election!

October 25, 2015 5:00/5:45 PM in Henry Angus 234 (Sauder School)

We will be holding our annual Executive elections on October 25! Department Representatives are asked to join us at 5pm when we will elect our Chief Shop Steward and General Members are asked to join us at 5:45pm!

Nominations were opened at our September AGM and will remain open until each seat is filled on the 25th. All members in good standing are invited to run for positions!

To nominate yourself in advance, please email a brief biosketch to president@cupe2278.ca. This will be posted on our website in advance of the election meeting. You may also run for a position from the floor on the day of the election.

Available Positions on the Joint Component Executive Board:
President (Typically a member of Component I)
Vice-President (Typically a member of Component II)
Recording Secretary
Component Chairs
One (1) Trustee
Health and Safety Officer


Component I Committee
The Component I Committee represents TAs and Markers.
This Committee is made up of a maximum of 15 volunteers, some of whom will also serve on the Joint Component Executive Board, but most of whom are Members At Large. Serving on the Component Committee is a great way to meet people from across campus, serve your fellow TAs and Markers and be a part of the UBC Community. We meet about 2-4 times per month and will be working on several new projects this year. If you are interested in getting involved, please email president@cupe2278.ca. There are several seats available at this time.