Feb 2015 CUPE 2278 Membership Meeting Executive Report

Since being elected in October 2014, the current Executive has been working on several key projects in the following areas: day to day business, contract negotiation preparation, bylaws and executive policy manual development, and fostering stronger internal and external relations.

Day to day business

  1. In order to move forward with our new Executive, some training and education took place to acquaint new executive members with the day to day operation of the local within the UBC community, the CUPE community and the broader labour movement.
  2. The following committees or positions were staffed with members of the Executive and component committees
    1. Bylaw review- Trish E, Ed, Soheil, Barb, Trish F
    2. Bargaining Preparation Committee- Trish E, Ed, Adrienne, Carter,
    3. Social Media and Webmaster- Adrian and Trish E.
    4. Health and Safety- Adrienne and Ben
    5. Grievance Committee- meets on an ad hoc basis
    6. Staff Contract renegotiation- Trish E, Ed, Barb and Trish F.
    7. Privacy Officer- Ben
    8. VDLC Point Person- Adrienne
  3. A 5 year contract between CUPE local 2278 and our staff members Peter Lane and Bridget Donald (UNIFOR 467) has been negotiated and completed. The contract anticipates matching modest wage improvements in line with what we achieve at our own bargaining table in the coming months.
  4. Component I grievances continue to be handled by our Business Agent, Peter Lane.

Contract negotiation preparation,

  1. Ed Kroc has taken the reins of bargaining preparation and in consultation with other executive members and Business Manager Peter Lane, has developed a list of areas for potential improvement in our contract. Dates are not yet set with the employer to meet for contract negotiations, however once the contract committee is elected, preparation will begin in earnest with the intention of meeting with the Employer in the next few weeks.

Bylaws and executive policy manual development,

  1. this committee has worked extensively to bring our bylaws in line with the CUPE national constitution and currently awaits approval from the National office.

Fostering stronger internal and external relations.

  1. Meetings with the other CUPE local presidents at UBC have been fairly regular and a very positive relationship is developing between CUPE 116, 2278 and 2950. Moving toward bargaining, this reinforced solidarity will be an important part of resisting concessions at the bargaining table.
  2. President Trish Everett has regularly attended meetings of the CUPE Universities Committee, CUPE Joint Universities and Colleges Committee, the CUPE University Coordinated Bargaining Committee, the CUPE Young Workers Task Force and casual meetings with executive members from SFU’s TA union, the TSSU.
  3. Adrienne and Ben have actively participated on the University Health and Safety Committee and made reports to the executive about the university-wide initiatives discussed there and opportunities for cooperation.
  4. Several executive members have been actively in touch and participated in the #IAmAStudent movement fighting increased international tuition and housing fees.
  5. Trish Everett has met with AMS President Tanner Bokor and GSS President Collum Connoly about issues concerning our local members as well as areas in which CUPE 2278 can cooperate better with the AMS/GSS.
  6. Ed Kroc has recently completed a contract with CUPE National to investigate precarious labour in the University sector in BC. His report and recommendations will be used by CUPE to help combat the rising number of temporary, short term and contract labour in BC universities.
  7. Soheil Kianzad completed an introductory video explaining the work that CUPE 2278 does on campus to advocate for our membership. It is posted at cupe2278.ca and elsewhere.


Respectfully Submitted on behalf of the Executive of CUPE 2278,



Trish Everett