Health Rebate

The Extended Health Rebate is a benefit paid annually to all of our members. The fund was established in 2000 when all employee groups in the B.C. public sector (including our union) were stopped by the provincial government from getting wage increases in bargaining. Our local banded together with other CUPE locals representing university employees in B.C. and won this benefit in lieu of a pay increase. A few years later, in the next round of contract bargaining, the rebate became formally entrenched in our Collective Agreement.


The amount: Each year’s rebate is calculated by the University in April based on the payroll of TAs from the current academic year (i.e. from Sept. 1). The fund is 1.85% of our gross payroll. We then divide this equally among our members. The amount for can fluctuate from year to year. The amount for 2009-10 is $110.

Eligibility: 30 hours of work as a GTA, UTA, or Marker in the year for which the fund is being distributed. For example, the main distribution in April is for TAs who have held a position between Sept. 1st of the previous calendar year and April 30th of that year. It does not depend upon your being enrolled in an extended health plan.

Timing of distribution: The main cheque run is in April, as soon as possible after the Union receives the money. There is a second, smaller run in September covering those who did not work in the fall or winter sessions but ONLY in the spring and/or summer sessions.

Method of distribution: Cheques are printed based on records of who was on UBC’s payroll as a TA during the academic year. The cheques are sent to the department for which you worked as a TA (as opposed to the department in which you are registered as a graduate student, if there is a difference). There is no application form. There is only one cheque per person per year, regardless of the number of appointments held during that year.

please note: At a general membership meeting in the Spring of 2009, the Union membership passed a resolution imposing a time limit on the reissue of cheques. So if you lose, damage, or fail to collect/cash a cheque for any reason before its 6-month staledate, you must follow up with staff at the union office within 13 months of the date on the cheque in order to get a replacement.