What’s the best way to contact the union?
There are several ways to contact the union. You can email administration@cupe2278.ca or call 604-822-0424 arrange an appointment with our business agent or email president@cupe2278.ca to discuss union business. You can also join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date and in contact with other members of the union.

How do I know what my rights and duties are?
You can find all of your rights and responsibilities in the collective agreement, which you will find on our Collective Agreement page. You can also ask your departmental representative or email the office. Please see the union in a timely manner if you have an issue so that we can help you! It gets harder for us to help once you are no longer a TA or after you have graduated.

How do I get my health rebate cheque?
You will NOT have to submit an application form, because Health Rebate cheques will be written to all eligible members automatically. The cheques will be delivered in late spring to the department for which you were a TA (note: that this may be different from your home department if you are working for another department on campus). You are entitled to one cheque per year, regardless of how many TAships you may hold or the number of departments you work for. These cheques expire 13 months after printing and cannot be reissued for any reason (per our union’s bylaws). Please deposit or cash your cheque as soon as you receive it.

How do I stay informed about bargaining and other issues?
One of the best ways to stay on top of things is to make sure you’re on our email list. You can do that on the main page. You can also visit this site often, read the newsletters that will arrive in your mailbox regularly, come to membership meetings, and also join the CUPE 2278 Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

Who does the Union represent?
CUPE local 2278 represents graduate teaching assistants, undergraduate teaching assistants, language instructors, markers and tutors at UBC. Research assistants currently have no representation.

How much are we paid?
A full Teaching Assistantship is 384 hours over two terms, averaging at 12 hours per week. There are four wage categories. As of January 1st, 2014, the rates of pay are as follows:

  • GTA I (someone who already has a MA or PhD) gets paid $30.73 / hour
  • GTA II (someone who already has a BA) gets paid $29.57 / hour
  • Undergraduate TA (someone who doesn’t yet have a BA) gets paid $14.75 / hour
  • Marker (someone who grades ‘bubble sheet’ exams ONLY) gets paid $14.15 / hour

Categories are not determined only by the program you are registered in. Students registered in PhD programs are paid at the GTA I rate, but a Masters student who already holds a Master’s degree in another discipline would also be paid at the GTA I rate. See Schedule A of the Collective Agreement (CA) for more information about wages.

What is the Hardship Maternity Fund?
The Hardship Maternity Fund is a new benefit gained in the last round of bargaining. It contains a limited amount of money to assist Teaching Assistants, Markers, and Tutors who are suffering financial hardship due to a loss of work resulting from the birth of a child. For more specific information email mat-pat@cupe2278.ca.

I’ve worked more hours this term than they’ve paid me for. What should I do?
You should contact your departmental representative or the union office. If you’ve worked more hours than you’ve been paid for, then you are owed money. The union can take steps to try to recover those lost wages.

I have a problem or complaint with my TAship, what should I do?
You should first discuss the matter with your departmental representative. After that, contact the union office and, if the issue cannot be resolved, a grievance can be filed on your behalf. Email administration@cupe2278.ca for more information. All communication with the union is strictly confidential and no action will be taken without your permission.