Executive Members

Trish Everett, President – Theater and Film

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am a PhD student in the Department of Theatre and Film researching workers’ theatre in Vancouver in the 1930s. Having seen what large universities can do (and will probably always continue to do) to unorganized TA workers at the University of Arizona during my MA studies, I am deeply committed to ensuring that UBC remains a place we can be proud to work; where employees and students are treated with fairness and respect. For me, being a TA is the best part of being a grad student and I remain deeply committed to ensuring all of our students receive the best possible education and guidance while at UBC.

Contact me via: president@cupe2278.ca


Ed Kroc, Vice President – Mathematics

CUPE2278photo (1) I am a PhD student in the mathematics department with a keen interest in all things statistical. As a TA, I am devoted to providing the absolute best in education to all UBC students. I joined the executive of CUPE 2278 to protect and promote the interests of UBC TAs and markers. Our highly skilled and passionate membership deserves all the benefits of a strong executive advocating on its behalf, and I am committed to achieving fair recognition and compensation for the crucial roles that TAs and markers play in higher education at UBC.

Contact me via: vicepresident@cupe2278.ca



 Molly Campbell, Department Rep Coordinator – Land and Food Systems

Molly CampbellI’m an MSc student in the Integrated Studies degree program in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.  My educational background is in plant science, horticulture, and environmental studies, and I have enjoyed working as a TA for several courses that relate to these disciplines.  I was inspired to join the union executive in August 2012 after experiencing first-hand how the strength of our collective agreement was used to improve working conditions for TAs in my faculty.  That experience opened my eyes to the importance of unions, and all of the great work that CUPE 2278 does on behalf of teaching assistants at UBC.  As a member of the executive, I hope to bring that same realization to other union members through department orientations and future membership outreach efforts.

Contact me via: deptreps@cupe2278.ca

Alex Hemingway, VDLC Delegate  Political Science

Alex HemingwayI’m a third-year PhD student in political science, with a particular interest in the development of more participatory and substantive democracy. I first joined the executive in 2012 to help out as TAs fought for a fair contract.





Sage Ponder, Steward Editor – Geography

I’m a fourth-year PhD student in economic geography, with a special focus on the political-economy of post-crisis austerity.  I hail from the United States – most recently from Portland, Oregon, but my first presidential election was voting for Al Gore in Florida  (burn.)  With a longtime interest in social and economic justice and political activism, I joined the union exec in the fall of 2012 after serving as a departmental representative the year prior.  My favourite historical union is the Knights of Labor.  My favourite book on the history of the labor movement is this one, by John Curl.

I currently serves as a member of the communications committee, and in 2013/2014  as lead editor of CUPE2278’s communique, The Steward.  I am occasionally less serious than pictured, left, but not when it comes to fighting for a fair contract for UBC TAs.

Catriona Gold – Geography

Catriona GoldI’m a 2nd year MA student in the Department of Geography, studying humanitarianism. I’ve been on the exec since April 2013; I’m a member of our Communications committee, so I’m involved in composing statements, keeping on top of social media, and building alliances with like-minded organizations. It’s our union’s responsibility to fight for the safety, security and well-being of all on campus; I want to do well by my fantastic undergrad students, and believe we need better pay and working conditions in order to do so. Seriously.


Daniel Wood  MAAPPS

DanI am a Winnipeg-born Canadian entering my first year of the Master of Arts – Asia Pacific Policy Studies program at UBC. My interest in public policy and political science has spurred me to participate in many different activities on campus. Currently, I am the President of the MAAPPS student association, chief job steward and joint consultations committee rep with the Canadian Office and Professional Employees  union (COPE) local 378, and an executive member on the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) local 2278. Please contact me through my personal webpage at www.wood-daniel.com

Charles Macaulay, Undergraduate TA Representative – Sociology

Charles MacauleyI am a fourth-year status undergrad student, majoring in Sociology. I have an interest in studying college athletics, particularly the institution-athlete relationship that has developed over the last century. Upon my appointment as an undergrad TA, my own relationship with the institution changed. Critical of my new position, I instantly wanted to become involved and be a voice for my fellow undergrads. As the Undergraduate TA Representative it is my goal to be the megaphone for all my classmates.

Contact me via: uta@cupe2278.ca



Kaitlin Lovering – Chemistry


I am a PhD student in the chemistry department and a recent addition to both graduate studies and the union executive. I think it is easy to forget how important TAs are in the university system;we are students and our primary role is perceived as learners. But teaching is an integral part of learning and TAs often occupy a very influential role in our fellow student’s education experience. I believe that TAs should be recognized for their integral role within the university system, and that this acknowledgement starts with realizing our own value, but also depends on being respected by the entire university community. I am motivated to be part of the union executive in order to encourage this recognition and help create space for TAs to see the value of their contributions.