First Monetary Offer in Two Years!

After some review, we can summarize the key features of the first offer tendered by UBC since bargaining began two years ago. There has been positive movement on 5th year hiring preference for PhD students, but no extended preference for Master’s students or undergraduate TAs. Their opening wage increase offer was 0% for 2011 and 2012 and 1% for 2013 and 1% for 2014. All of our other key monetary proposals were rejected. The employer and mediator also confirmed that our strike mandate will remain valid for two months following the end of mediation which leaves our options open as we move forward from here.

- Your Executive Committee

Day Two of this round of mediation!

After two years of bargaining, our employer tendered their first monetary offer in mediation late Friday afternoon. The union’s bargaining team will present the offer to your executive who will analyze the document and report to the membership by the end of next week.

Day one of this round of mediation

We met today with the mediator at the labour board and talks are still ongoing for both components of CUPE 2278 (the TA’s and English Language Instructors). We will be back at it tomorrow morning bright and early. We will post here, on twitter (@CUPE2278) and on facebook ( when we have a more substantial update on how things are going, but in the mean time, assume that no news is, quite frankly….no news.  Thanks for your support!

In Mediation for the next two days….

Dear members:

We apologize if the summer has been quiet, but we have been in a mediation process initiated by the employer.  Mediation continues over the next two days (August 23 and 24), when we hope to finally hear an offer from the employer.

We are trying our best to get a fair Collective Agreement.  Part of this is to honour the mediation process, and bargain in good faith.  We hope that the employer is also committed to resolving the issues, which we believe includes a fair and reasonable offer for all the TAs.

We will communicate with you as soon as we can, and in the meantime, we ask for your patience.