CGEU Conference: program

We are co-hosting the annual conference for the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CGEU) this year, which kicks off in  two weeks – from the evening of August  2 until August 4, 2012.

This conference will:

  • build regional and international networks of university-based unions.
  • teach skills and disseminate ideas about ways to organize and communicate with members, and the public
  • send a message of solidarity to employers

All UBC Teaching Assistants are welcome to attend the conference.
Actually, more than that — we would really like to see our members there, if you can come.  Lots of social events too!

More info:

Program for CGEU 2012 Conference


  • 3:00 PM: Move in to Gage upon your arrival if you are staying on campus
  • 7:00 PM: Welcome social in lounge in Gage


  • 9:00 AM-10:30 AM: Registration, meet and greet over Breakfast at UBC
  • (Breakfast is included in housing registration for those staying on campus, for those not staying on campus, let us know if you would like to join us for a bite!)
  • 10:30 AM-Noon: BC Situation Panel on the current affairs of labour in higher education in your host Province.
  • Speakers include Eduard Lavalle, Peter Lane (CUPE 2278), Adrienne Smith (Former President CUPE 2278), Joel Blok (TSSU), and Doug Sprenger (UCBC).
  • Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch
  • 1:30 PM- 2:30 PM Break Out Session 1
  • Governance- How to Run Your Local More Democratically hosted by delegates from Oregon State University
  • Social Media Workshop, PR, Communications hosted by delegates from Simon Fraser University
  • 2:45 PM- 3:45 PM Break Out Session 2
  • UBC and SFU, Labour in Vancouver Higher Ed hosted by CUPE 2278 and TSSU
  • Organizing 101 with Peter Lane
  • 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Break Out Session 3
  • Bargaining 101 hosted by Roger Clarke, CUPE 2278
  • Creative Job Action hosted by Adrienne Smith, CUPE 2278 (2003 Strike Leader)
  • Coalition Building hosted by Geraldina Polanco, CUPE 2278, and Colleen Garbe, CUPE 116
  • Afternoon Break
  • 6:30 PM BBQ at Thea’s Lounge


  • 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM: Breakfast at UBC, please let us know if you would like to join us.
  • 10:30 AM-Noon: US Focused Plenary Panel
  • What is the state of labour relations in US Universities? What are the contemporary challenges, successes and how do we, as leaders of student unions, move forward? What can we learn from Wisconsin and Michigan? Speakers include delegates from Michigan, Wisconsin, California and Oregon.
  • Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch
  • 1:30 PM- 2:30 PM: Quebec Plenary Session: The Student Movement in Quebec,
  • A special guest speaker, Nadia Lafreniere of UQAM and ASSE, will update us on the state of affairs in Canada’s most heated ongoing student movement to fight tuition increases and governmental restrictions on the right of students to demonstrate in public. See for more information.
  • 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM: Job Action in solidarity with BC Labour and students
  • Afternoon Break
  • 7:30 PM-11:00 PM: Closing Plenary Session, Sushi Dinner and Social Event at the Billy Bishop Legion. See directions in registration info packet.
  • 10:00 PM: Italy’s entry into the Vancouver Celebration of Lights (an international fireworks competition!!) Join us to watch from the beach near our social venue!



Members recruitment meeting

Dear Members,

We are currently recruiting members to get more involved with CUPE 2278 either as Departmental Reps, Committee Members or as Union Executive. Departmentally we aim to establish better dialectic communication with our representatives; we welcome a face-to-face meeting to strategize how we might better facilitate this. For those considering joining a committee, there are 4: (1) Communications (2) Bargaining (3) Maternity & Health (4) and Grievances. Depending on the outcomes of mediation we may need to establish a Strike Committee.

We will be holding an information session for those interested in learning more about the Union on Thursday July 26 in the afternoon (exact time and location TBD). If you are interested in participating, please email us at to confirm your participation.

CUPE 2278 is also hosting an exciting international conference in early August: Registration at this conference is free for 2278 members. If you are interested in attending, mark your calendars. We will communicate details for registering later this month.

Warmest regards,

Geraldina Polanco

President, CUPE Local 2278